Обаятельный отец четырех дочек показывает всю подноготную больших семей

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Обаятельный британец Саймон Хупер, отец 4 дочерей, решил показать то, на что действительно похоже воспитание.

У Саймона и его жены Клэмми четверо детей, и все девочки. Старшим около 10, а младшим близнецам — всего год. У многодетного отца есть аккаунт в Инстаграм, где он подробно описывает жить в окружении такого количества женщин. Вот он держит на руках орущих малышей, у которых режутся зубы, отмывает младшую в раковине от машинного масла после игр в гараже и объясняет старшей строение половых органов для урока по анатомии. А еще терпит, когда малыши, играя, бьют его по лицу, а девочки заплетают волосы в бантики.

«Мой аккаунт для того, чтобы показать всю реалистичность воспитательного процесса. Родители слишком любят приукрашивать фотографии, я же решил показать, как это происходит на самом деле, разумеется, не без чувства юмора», — поделился Саймон Хупер.

This morning we were treated to a private perfromance from some trainee illusionists, (I'm always sceptical of magic involving twins, seems suspicious & lazy, right?). After opening the performance with the regurgitation a plastic letter 'A' which she'd swallowed sometime earlier to much applause (& retching), Ottie's next trick was to place her twin is the 'cube of eternal darkness' and make her disappear - the magic words were spoken and poof, like a crap David Blaine, the doors opened to reveal ........ a baby eating an unhealthy amount of packaging paper, accompanied by the strong smell of old broccoli. Well you can't win they all. A for showmanship, F for execution. #magicalcirclemembersheaint #shitmagic #kidsandboxes #offtohogwartswithyou #magic #FOD #fatherofdaughter #instadad #dadlife

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In the absence of clemmie to help & unwilling to pick a favourite to feed first, I created a feeding approach I've dubbed 'the domino' position. It was lik watching a drinking contest between 2 determined guys who think necking beers will impress women (I tried that myself in my youth, it resulted it me vomiting on the object of my affection, crying, receiving a quick unfriending on facebook & then more crying). I whacked on the max flow teat & watched in amazement as they perfected something I never could - opening their gullets & smashing it off in one go. I've never been so proud. Better wind these guys tonight or they may just re-enact their fathers behaviour (although I'd never unfriend them!) #itshouldntbeimpressivebutitis #mybabycandrinkyourbabyunderthetable #prouddad #twins #bedtime #FOD #fatherofdaughter #dadlife #instadad

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Бунт против лжи: почему пользователи соцсетей устали от приукрашенной реальности

This week my eldest has been doing sex education at school. Shes very mature about it & having a midwife as a mum, they know a lot more than your average kid, no 'front bottoms' or 'nunnys' in this house, it's strictly a 'vagina' affair (which coincidently would be a great title for a drama series on TV) That said, she's chosen tonight (when @mother_of_daughters is away) to ask questions about men which makes me feel like an embarrassed child, but i promised to tell her the truth. My personal favourites - "do you wear a condom daddy?" Me - "Yes". Then why do you have so many children? Touchè. "Have you and mummy had sex more than 3 times?" I laughed proudly - "Way more......like at least 9 or 10 times" ( I didn't want to come across as a sex crazied maniac). #sexeducation #shestheadultimthechild #sheknowsmorethanme #dontaskaboutmasturbationorilldie #ivedoneitloads #fatherofdaughters #instadad #dadlife #parenting

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